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Choose your team, Choose your room, Make your escape

House Of Mystery

Difficulty: 7/10

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Prison Break

Difficulty: 9/10

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“We have been to a lot of escape rooms over the years and this was the best by far. We really liked that the clues were thoughtful and different. There was never a time when we thought, “I would have never figured that out” because a clue was not logical. Michael, our game master, was so much fun and gave great hints instead of just telling us the answer. All of the props were in good working order. we love Escape Rooms Magaluf!”


“Our first time EVER doing an escape room so I cannot compare this to others, however, it was so much fun. Challenging for sure and we were not able to finish our room (Prison Break). Needless to say, we will be back!”


Never done these before and absolutely loved it! Glad the easier one was able to build our confidence with 4 mins left. Can’t wait to go back and try the rest!

The only way out, is within!!