How difficult are the rooms?

We have 2 rooms of variying complexity, if you have never done an escape rooms before we advise you try the House of Mysteries first

How long are the rooms?

Each room is 1 hour each, if you don't escape within one hours time, you are locked in the room forever. (only joking, but you do fail)

What if I do really badly?

If you are having a hard time working out the puzzles, the gamesmaster can provide you little clues if you wish, to make your experience more enjoyable.

Are we really locked inside the rooms?

Your safety is always our number one concern, so if there is any point you feel uncomfortable you can be let out at any time.

Why are there no pictures of the rooms online?

We like to keep the rooms a complete mystery until you walk in, it makes the experience much more immersive and fun.

Is there an age limit?

Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. For specific request please contact us